unique archive of documents relating to the founding of Harrods (Buenos Aries) Ltd We sell books and documents on behalf of our clients We publish paperbacks and e-books for hard and digitial distribution
Unique Document Collection We have a unique archive of original documents for sale concerning the founding of Harrods (Beunos Aries) Ltd 1913 - 1918. This collection is extremely rare and we have lots of information about it on our site. read more
We Sell Books Use the power of our review, storage and shipping network to sell your unwanted books. Whether you have a collection of mass produced books or some rare archive material we are always happy to help you. read more
We publish books We provide print on demand services for authors and we publish paperback and digital e-books with a huge range of support and advice services available to our authors. read more

Qwertyword Limited (“QWL”) is a UK based company (number 5938003) and is registered for all relevant UK employment, health and safety, insurance, company filing, data protection and taxation obligations (including VAT).


The company has an established reputation for the quality and reliability of its book selling service: its Amazon ranking as a book supplier is one of the highest on the site.


We sell books on behalf of our clients and these include some rare and collectable items as well as mass produced items.

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We publish books in both paper and electronic editions and provide our authors with support and information on issues such as copyright.

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We offer pricing on a per project basis so please complete our quotation form so that our editorial team can provide you with a quote.

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We have some unique items for sales including a fantastic collection of documents related to the founding of Harrods (Buenos Aries) Ltd .

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